> Columbian born painter Fernando Botero exhibited works in California  
> that depict the Abu Ghriab prison and suspected abuse to prison  
> inmates. His works are bold and courageous, and depict the artist  
> disgust in US policy regarding prison inmates. "I, like everyone else,  
> was shocked by the barbarity, especially because the United States is  
> supposed to be this model of compassion." His goal is to make people  
> remember the human tragedies sot hat no one will forget the unjust  
> action of the US soldiers to Abu Ghraib's prisoners. His pictures look  
> to shake people to disturb them, to make them think, and hopefully  
> make them act. We have artist that are working with portraying the  
> victims and the perpetrators of terrorism on both sides of the fence.

Thanks for mentioning him. He is not a favourite of the abstract 
expressionists and somewhere art critique becomes kitsch.

But you could have added infos on the sponsors of abstract expressionism 
in the state department.

Marcel Duchamps may be nice, he may be funny, but such programs are 
limited and fun may become ignorance.


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