Djursland is the rural community in Denmark that, upon being refused
ADSL connection by the big telecoms, embarked on setting up a WiFi
network of its own that subsequently turned into a model famous
worldwide. Bjarke Nielsen is Djursland founder and figurehaed ;-) (in Danish) (Djursland International Institute of 
Rural Wireless Broadband (in English)  

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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 03:13:59 +0200
Subject: [wsfii-discuss] In-Depth Case Study "Lessons learned from the experience"

Dear friends of WSFII and community networks !  :-)
Here you got a link to my report to InfoDev at the Worldbank on
lessons learned from the
_*Explanation:*_ One year ago about 30 open access network initiatives
around the World had answered the questionnaire which people around
the had developed on behalf of OPLAN for InfoDev at the
Worldbank. 7 of these about 30 networks - being very interesting and
having distinct types of PPPs and project finance approaches - were
during spring and summer 2006 asked to make assignment with InfoDev
and deliver each their 50 pages Indepth Case Study with detailed
data and information on their own local open access network. 3 of
these 7 is networks established and run purely by volunteers, namely, and
Already last autumn reports were published from the first two of these
3 non-commercial networks, - now by this e-mail you got the link
to the one coming from Djursland. As founder of and
educational leader of the "Djursland International Institute of Rural
Wireless Broadband" (DIIRWB), InfoDev asked me to do the indepht study
on behalf of the Djursland society. It is now finalized and it consist
of 52 illustrated pages in letter format and it was send to InfoDev
by the 6th of March 2007. It is called: "Lessons learned from the experience - An In-Depth Case Study of the Huge Rural
Area Wireless in Denmark". What we learned - and now
can teach internationally - is really mind blowing and sensational,
and it has the potential to bridge the technological and social devide
between rich and poor societies around the World. - Please read it and
- if you are not one already - become a bridge yourself ! ;-)
With Smiles and Friendliness from Bjarke :-)

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