Hi Tilman,

Thanks for this interview.  I'm glad to see someone is trying to do
something interesting in SecondLife.  I've poked around a little but
so far have resisted it because most people there seem to either be
just playing dress-up or running around shooting people at random.
That's rather tiresome, but at the same time people seem to be
hypersensitive to events or performances like Babeli's.  It seems like
a weird paradox.

But getting to specifics, I was curious by what she meant saying that
"Second Life seems to offer a
Renaissance Perspective."  If she means a renewal of the sort of
pranks she said she admires, then that would be welcome, but isn't
SecondLife, having a fairly narrow audience, a very different kind of
context?  Or does she think the current press coverage of SL will
allow her work and other's to jump the borders, as it were?

-- Though maybe if there is more work like this on the horizon, more
people will find a visit to SL worthwhile.



On 3/22/07, Tilman Baumg=E4rtel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi!
> Here is an interview with Italian artists Gazira Babeli, who does
> interesting virtual performance pieces in Second Life. For more
> material, check her website at: http://www.gazirababeli.com/ (Gee,
> posting this interview to nettime, feels almost like way back in the
> glory days of net.art... ;)

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