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From: liaphine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: May 9, 2007 12:04 PM
Subject: [Radical-europe] Wave of Repression against G8 Structures - Today !!
To: oddvar uthus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Rupture

* wave of repression against Anti G8 Structures in Germany
*Structure of communication in target to be disturbed

Press Release:

Since this morning 8 o clock a german wide wave of raids against the
leftist Strcutures takes place. Affected are Projects and private
Persons which are engaged against the G8 Summit - or to be held as

In Berling are at least 7 houses and office rooms affected, amongst
them 2 offices in "Bethanien" as well the " Fusion" Shop in the
Skalitzer Street. The place where the Antifashist left Berlin and the
Network "interventionistische Linke" organize themselves. As well
afflicted is the Bookshop in "Mehringhof" and the offices of scores of
alternative media Projects in the "Lausitzer" Street.

Particularly attention the BKA ( Federal criminal Police Office ) pays
to the Server SO?&.net. Many leftist and alternative Projects have
their Web pages, mailinglists and mailadresses located there. With
that one tries to disturb the structure of communication of the Anti
G8 Movement massivly.

In Hamburg the repressions affect the "Rote Flora" and diverse House
Projects. Also in the Berlin hinterland raids take place. As well
raids are alert from Bremen.

The adudication of search is exposed for ? 129a: " formation of a
terrorist coalition to avert the G8"

The crass assortment of leftist House Projects and Infrastructure
makes clear that the enquiries are taken as false pretences to
randomly act against the left mobilization. " Pretences of enquiry
might be diverse damages to propperty which have been comitted in
relation to the G8", assumes the campinski press group. In the same
relation the Kampinski Hotel has been attacked with paintballs.

The latitude of a ?129a operation are used to collect Datas and
beyound by all means the effect of intimidation. merely 2% of all
cases according on ?129a result in condemnation.

Neverthelss: " who invites the G8 Summit, invites also the Protests
!", announced Mister Jobst of the "Bethanien" office in Berlin. " All
trials of crominalizatin won?t change the fact, that we will take the
G8 as occasion to give a highlight to the injustice on the world."

The repression of the BKA ( Federal criminal Police Office ) doesn?t
appear surprisingly. The left and radical left Resistance against the
G8 has taken dimensions the Police can?t handle anymore. " Until now
the Police has only tried to split the Resistance and create a phantom
of the "army of chaots" via Media," explains Jobst.

" Noticable is that the raids are aginst all spectra of the
resistance, which don?t adress any requirements to the G8, but
dismisses the G8 as Institution entirely." says a spokeswoman of the
"Gipfelsoli" Info Group.

[Gipfelsoli Infogroup | Campinski Pressgroup]
Protest + resistance: http://de.indymedia.org/g8heiligendamm
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