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Date: May 10, 2007 11:36 PM
Subject: [Pressrelease] "Operation aimless"

Raids against G8 opponents:
"Operation aimless" by Federal Supreme Court prosecutors triggers even more
mobilization capacity for G8 protests

*Press release by the persons concerned*

Berlin, May 10th 2007

Yesterday a nationwide search of left projects and individuals was
taking place in Germany. The Federal Supreme Court prosecutor Monika
Harms aimed with these searches on a criminalization and split of
the broad resistance against the G8. The raids proved to be a total

The intended intimidation of the left scene and the entire G8 protest
movement did not succeed. Yesterday evening, more than 10.000 people
in several German and European cities took to the street, to express
spontaneously their solidarity. The wave of repression has triggered
an even larger mobilization against the G8 summit that will take place
from 6-8 of June in Northern Germany. Thanks Miss Harms, you scored an
own goal!

Comparing the different raids in 40 places reveals the picture of an
uncoordinated and aimless operation of the investigation authorities.
Some examples: at least two of the accused persons have not been
searched at all. Others have been searched carefully, while some
just superficially. Some persons have been subjected to lengthy
identification procedures and have been forced to make a DNA test, but
not all of them.

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