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______________________________________________ 10 May 2007_


It's Not Easy Being Green - The Climate Change Issue is out now online
and in print:


This issue of Mute seeks to defuse the ideological bomb of climate
change, expose the plundering and non-reproduction of global resources
as a problem of capital not mankind per se, and investigate the ends to
which the spectre of eco-catastrophe is being used

Articles include:


Capital Climes

by Will Barnes

Liberal critics assume that climate change is a ?man-made? process, not
a natural phenomenon. Against this view, Will Barnes argues that global
warming does indeed have an inhuman agent behind it ? not nature but 



Act Macro: Technological Alternatives to Green Austerity

By James Woudhuysen

The emerging capitalist War On Global Warming concentrates on adapting
technology and behaviour ? particularly other nation-states? ? to
mitigate environmental damage. Transformative technological and social
innovation is better than meddling micro-action, argues James Woudhuysen



Climate Change CO2lonialism

By Tim Forsyth and Zoe Young

In their tango with grassroots green activists, inter-governmental
policy makers are taking the lead. Tim Forsyth and Zoe Young analyse the
?new green order? and the carbon offset colonialism that accompanies it



Promised Lands

By Kate Rich

It?s not just the founders of hippy communes or artists like Amy Balkin
who are looking for ?a breathing space from the State? in which to
experiment with freedom and free-time. Big IT companies like Google
apparently share their ideals. With a commitment to ?me time?, the
production of ?universal access?, and (energy) sovereignty, corporates
are leveraging the dream of the commons



Apocalypse and/or Business as Usual? The Energy Debate After the 2004 US
Presidential Elections

By George Caffentzis

Since 2004 the rhetoric of Bush?s republican party has turned curiously
green, integrating climate change as a legitimation for neoliberal
imperialism. At the same time the unintended consequence of America?s
unsuccessful adventures has been to enrich an ?anti-neoliberal? class of
oil rentiers in Africa, Latin America and Asia. George Caffentzis plots
the changes in the US energy policy as it turns from eco-naysayer to



Heavy Opera

By Anthony Iles

John Jordan and James Marriott's operatic audio tour set in London?s
Square Mile is intended to awaken city workers to the impact of
financial systems on climate change. But not only does And While London
Burns misgauge how much the suits already know, its hysterical tone also
harmonises too easily with the coming new eco-order. Review by Anthony Iles



BPerkeley Inc.?

By Iain A. Boal

As a lead in to Mute?s climate change special issue, Iain Boal reports
on BP?s recent biofuel deal with University of California, Berkeley. In
the name of a planetary emergency, the oil behemoth has both managed to
greenwash biotech research and further entrench campus capitalism



Also in this issue...

Zombie Nation

By Paul Helliwell

As the scarcity essential to the cultural commodity is undermined by
digital abundance and social networking, social relations and the unique
?live? performance are all that's left to sell. Mass market music
increasingly resembles relational art with its dream of waking the
?zombies? of consumer culture, but are the citizens of Web 2.0 society
born again or undead? Paul Helliwell shuffles through the mall...



Expropriate, Accumulate, Financialise

By Chris Wright and Samantha Alvarez

David Harvey is an influential academic theorist of the spatial,
cultural and economic forms of neoliberal capitalism. Chris Wright and
Samantha Alvarez contrast his analysis with that of Michael Hudson,
whose Super Imperialism exposed the fiscal foundations of neoliberalism
some 30 years earlier



Further articles and reviews, already announced, are by Anthony Davies,
Howard Slater and Peter Suchin




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