Dear nettimers,

A year ago I had the opportunity to read in an original edition of
Theodor Nelson's Literary Machines, at SUNY Buffalo's Poetry Archive.
I took extensive notes and put the book back on the shelf. Now today I
am about to finish my master's thesis which deals (among other things)
with the controversies between scientists and engineers on one side
and human scientists and artists on the other, about software (and
software art, and the art of programming). I am suddenly reminded
that Nelson invented a couple of polarized and comical terms to
distinguish those two "kinds" of thinkers that he wanted to reunite in
the visionary work of Xanadu.

I am afraid I lost my notes, and I am not able to order the book
today, nor retrieve it in a library. Could someone refresh my memory
and remind me of this terminology, and maybe add a couple of quotes?

Camille P-B. (only Firefox until it's fixed please!)

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