BMM by a Knock Out !

Last night Dutch reality TV and shocksploitation giants BMM ('Bart’s
Never-ending Network) won the world 'tactical guerilla media
championship' of the world’ with a stunning first round knock out.
The unexpected result left the assembled world press, gathered last
night at Hilversum stunned, as they stood eagerly waiting to gawk
and to fulminate at the latest example of the Dutch commercial
media’s capacity to invent ever more outrageous reality TV. But in
the dying moments of the event, the moral credibility tables were
turned. The media world (not to mention the entire Dutch political
establishment) were rocked and awed by the revelation that the world
title (previously held by Orson Wells) for most daring media hoax now
resides in the Netherlands.

Is this it? Have we reached it, ‘tactical media’s’ final frontier.

David Garcia

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