(article in Croatian)

Feral Tribune, for 14 years the Croatian pre-eminent political satire 
magazine, responsible for broadening the press freedoms in the 
emerging post-Yugoslav states, stopped publishing today.

What neither war, nor communism, nor Tudjman, nor rabid nationalism, 
nor cruel forces of the free market could accomplish, quiet but 
persistent force of bureaucracy did. Feral was dealt blow after blow 
by judicial awards for emotional suffering to various Croatian public 
figures claiming being insulted by Feral's clever photo-montage or 
irreverent comments.

While advertisers kept clear from controversial publication starving 
it of resources, the final nail in the coffin was nabbed by the 
Financial Ministry, slapping Feral with the $100k bill in back taxes, 
charged under Croatian medieval tax code, where State takes 22% - 
more than 1/5 - of every financial transaction.

Debate to save Feral from untimely death is presently under way in 
Croatian cabinet and Croatian parliament.


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