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ICANN meeting - San Juan ...a correction and more

Deirdre Williams

First a correction - Basanta (from Nepal) is a
computer programmer. He has brought with him copies of
a CD Guide to OS Software, developed by the NepalLinux
Team of which he is a member. More details at
<> He tells me that although he doesn't
"belong to" Bytesforall, some of his friends do, so
please, if you can hear me in Kathmandu and I have
made another mistake - correct me :-)

Yesterday I spent most of my time at the country code
Name Support Organisation (ccNSO) meeting, where they
were discussing the implementation of international
domain names and thus use of other than Latin scripts.
This naturally brought with it issues of language and
culture which are my own particular interest.

All of the conference documents are available on the
ICANN website <>, and your
participation is actively (and genuinely) sought.
Comments from remote participants are heard and noted.
On Friday, starting at 8.30am here (1.30 pm in London,
in the late afternoon or evening for many of you) the
ICANN Board will hold its meeting - you can
participate via an internet connection, and give your
support to issues like translation which I am sure are
just as important (if not more so) to you as they are
to me.

Another big issue here has been IPv6 which kind Dev
from the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society
patiently explained to me in layman's language
yesterday. What it appears to boil down to is more
numbers in the string and therefore a huge increase in
the number of unique numbers (hence IP addresses)
possible. By the time we use all of those numbers we
will have a different problem - there won't be any
space left for human beings :-)

My observations so far suggest to me that there is a
genuine opportunity for truly international
participation in the management of ICANN, but one has
to make the effort to "speak". Don't worry if you
don't speak English - send your thoughts anyway in
your own language. There is a major initiative for
serious consideration of translation issues - and that
goes far beyond English, French and Spanish :-)

Best wishes

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