It's like Tiger Beat for teenage boys with high-speed internet,  
probably like the kids who pestered some Amsterdam gallery owners,  
including my girlfriend, for awhile. One of the kids signed the  
guestbook SHIRA, like the logo of a Swedish black metal band. Shira  
means someone who has sold himself to God, but this particular kid  
was just a schlub. They all drifted away eventually, and the majority  
of the kids who download al-Zarqawi's bio (likes: shura, veiled  
sisters; dislikes: Jews, Crusaders) probably just delete it later.

Speaking of entertaining downloads, the fabled Jihad Manual should  
carry a disclaimer about making car bombs when you don't have access  
to Semtex and all the other evil professional-grade toys a war zone  
and helpful foreigners have to offer. Two duds and a flaming  
slapfight with a Glasgow cop were just embarrassing--Anarchist  
Cookbook-level stuff.


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