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Culture jamming is so twentieth century! What?s next?

OURSPACE: Resisting the Corporate Control of Culture
Christine Harold
University of Minnesota Press | 232 pages | 2007
ISBN 978-0-8166-4954-9 | hardcover | $24.95

In OurSpace, Christine Harold examines the deployment and limitations of
?culture jamming? by activists. For Harold, it is a different type of
opposition that offers a genuine alternative to corporate consumerism.
Exploring the revolutionary Creative Commons movement, copyleft, and open
source technology, Harold advocates a more inclusive approach to
intellectual property that invites innovation and wider participation in the
creative process.

?This book deftly navigates the borders between markets and publics. And it
offers us strategies of survival in and resistance to the increasingly
corporatized digital realm.? ?Siva Vaidhyanathan

?OurSpace is a handy how-to primer, with illustrations, on subversion
tactics and culture-jamming that is a must-read for anyone with an
anti-establishment itch to scratch, a sense of humor, and no clue what the
etymology of the word ?detournement? is.? ? Baltimore City Paper

?A follow-up to the bible of brand resistance, Naomi Klein?s No Logo,
Harold?s book is an academic survey of and intense meditation on the
efficacy of current culture jams. She explores the limitations of sabotage,
the role of parody and models of success. Adbusters, Barbie Liberation
Organization, Yes Men are all placed under her scrutiny. I was familiar with
all of the above, but OurSpace led me also into new territory.? --Jim
Poyser, NUVO

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