Here a report from autistici/inventati italian independent server, being
censored after mirroring the latest flash game released by
Molleindustria, Pretophilia (available at

report this and spread onto your blogs


Last Night God called America is a site publishing satirical flash games with
provocative political content. Its last game, called =93Pretofilia=94 (i.e.
Priestophilia), is a denunciation of the widespread use of pedophilia as
an excuse for censorship, and of the widespread abuse on children in the
catholic church.

After its publishing, the site has been immediately subjected to the
attention of the Italian Parliament and the Interior Ministry answered
prompting the police to act against the site. Molleindustria decided
then to remove the game, but the file had already been spread far and
wide on the Internet.

Soon after the news of the censorship threat was made known on the
website, the game was mirrored even more, eventually also on some blogs
on our platform.

After all that had been said and done on this harmless satire, we would
not dare to say we did not expect some threats to our servers, but we
would not have imagined that a small swf file could wake up someone so
up above us to block all of (including all the blogs used by
hundreds of people for their daily communication).
And when we say so up above us, we mean it!

Last night God itself called the provider hosting and
demanded the whole server to be shut down. In the heavens above there
are no fax machines, so the Almighty has deemed its voice by phone to be
authoritative enough.
Unfortunately God never minds the Unbelievers.

Apart from being nerds, we are also strongly skeptical by default and we
tend not to believe what anyone tells us unless we can touch it and feel
it with our own hands. So we do not trust God=92s voice by phone to be
authoritative enough and are asking for a concrete and official
injunction to shut down the site.
While we wait for the Almighty to have some of its representatives on
Earth send a very material letter or order, we mean to reopen as soon as possible with all its content (and nothing less).

In the meantime, we would like to stress that in our opinion Pretofilia
has nothing to do with pedopornography and that we deem it a very good
satire against children abuses. It could at worst wake up some criticism
on how much priest=92s abuses are hidden and silenced, but lately satire
on the matter has been far from random.

That is why we ask anyone caring for the freedom of speech and satire to
mirror the game, knowing that it could imply a fair degree of legal
issues and attacks by the Italian government, the Vatican, and their
lot. We ask anyone to publish a link to these mirrors in the comments to
our blog.

If the wrath of God Almighty comes down on us, do not fear: file will
prevail on p2p networks!
mininova - slotorrent - ed2k link

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