Interesting manifesto on negation as a resistant strategy - but there  
is one sentence that really puzzles me., and I hope I got it wrong....

On Jun 23, 2007, at 15:11, Jakob Jakobsen wrote:

> A bit late but anyways, here is a flyer text that circulated in Copenhagen at
> MayDay reflecting a political consequence of the unrest in March in the city
> of the Little Mermaid.
> We are Negative (...) But it is possible to discourage the state and break
> its will. This has happened many times throughout history, it is happening in
> Iraq today and it can happen here.

Do you actually propose an Iraq type of 'insurgency' in Denmark??

What do you mean here? Really - let's not be naive - there is  
speculation that a lot of the conflict in Iraq is stirred up to  
create an opaque situation in which the ownership relations of vital  
resources in the country, contracting, access rights, distribution  
arrangements can be restructured in a manner beneficial to certain  
larger actors who are pursuing strategic objectives, and who actually  
benefit from continued social unrest, chaos and civil-war conditions  
(let's call them the 'Halliburton-type actors' for now, although  
there might very well be more than one actor, and quite likely also  
more than one agenda / interest pursued - the problem is that we (the  
'general public') just don't know...).

So, anyway I hope I got it wrong and that you are looking for a less  
violent and opaque solution...


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