Or a notable artist?

Google does, apparently. Or Google News more specifically.

I added a simple, straightforward page for myself, DJ lotu5, so that I
could help expand the knowledge about mixed reality performance art in
wikipedia [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixed_reality ] and the range of
practices listed on the New Media Art [
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_media_art ] page.

Well, apparently you're not allowed to represent yourself on wikipedia at
all, and so admitting that I had created the page became grounds for
speedy deletion. At the objection of two people, the article was
considered for deletion, not speedily or instantly deleted.

Finally two editors came to "consensus" on my deletion because my name
only has one hit for it in Google News. I think this does a great job of
showing what kind of knowledge Wikipedia actually contains, knowledge
gained from mass media sources. Apparently the editors of Wikipedia think
that a number of hits from Google News is a good estimation of the value
of an artist, or a person for that matter.

For details, see:


Apparently, I'm a case of a "non-notable autobiography". Thanks, Wikipedia.



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