On the off chance that any nettime members are in Sydney Australia next week

Launch of Disorder and the Disinformation Society: The social dynamics of 
information, networks and software

Thursday 16 July, Great Hall UTS, Sydney
6.00pm drinks and canap??s for 6.30pm start, concludes 8.15pm

Order Causing Chaos 

Has the urgent pursuit of efficiency, innovation and self-gratification blinded 
us to the destabilising effects of change?

The technological and scientific advances ignited by the industrial revolution 
are unquestionable. Yet on the flip side its many innovations disrupted 
communities, economies, ecosystems and the very power structures of nations. 
Its influence lingers still.

One legacy is our information age ??? powerful computers driven by software of 
bewildering complexity and indispensable application, enabling 
interconnectivity to fuel the internet and, in turn, social media linkages 
across the globe. And it must all surely be good.
In this lecture UTS researchers explore dimensions of the information age where 
the intended ???ordering??? effects of new information technologies led to 
disorders never anticipated.

>From light-speed financial transactions making market strife, to social media 
>movements losing momentum for lack of true leaders, join us to discover how 
>disorder from order also shapes us.

Dr Jonathan Marshall, Research Anthropologist
Jonathan researches technology and society, publishing works on online life and 
gender, information mess, the social-psychology of climate change, and is 
currently working on climate politics and coal dependence.

Dr Didar Zowghi, Professor of Software Engineering
Based in the UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Didar 
researches the issues and challenges that arise out of communication rich, 
multidisciplinary activities of software and system development.
Dr Francesca da Rimini, Honorary Research Associate
Currently based with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, 
Francesca is a cultural activist, writer and academic, investigating the 
radical potential of information communication technologies. 

Associate Professor James Goodman
Based in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He An expert in political 
sociology researches the role of social movements in international politics, 
and works on policy agendas to address global crises, including financial and 
climate crises.

University Hall
Science Building 4, 
University of Technology Sydney
745 Harris Street Ultimo

Please register attendance with Robert Button for catering
Email: robert.but...@uts.edu.au

UTS CRICOS Provider Code: 00099F
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