The cause of confusion may be that this (the last few decades) is probably the first time that power apparatus' enforcement model is making a big shift from thugs with guns to thugs with compilers.

These are two completely different demographics, and while societies had thousands years to learn about and deal with thugs with guns (look at the pretty much consenting opinions about the military and the police across the globe), it is hard to project the same notion at the bright middle-class kids that get stock options and catered food. It will take some time.

On 7/17/15, 1:51, Jaromil wrote:

I'm very interested in how does that sounds in the ears of activists and
how do we plan to react to the bigger picture, in case we like to
organize a response after having burned the witches that need to be
burned, pardon me if I still find that as smelling disgusting, yet I'm
not willing to exonerate them from being spooky and evil at times. Not
sure about you in fact, but I'm so perverse I do find interesting to get
to know people that present themselves as spooky and evil at times,

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