Dear all,

   Sharing an in progress call text, towards collectively re-imagining and
   re-building a (Wiki)encyclopedia, today, for the emancipation of the
   oppressed peoples/classes by and for themselves. It is supposed to be
   part of a common resource, a bibliography, part of an effort to build
   up a broader self-education and self-learning (by the oppressed)
   structure, 100 years after Alexander Bogdanov made his initial call at
   the all-Russia ProletKult congress in Moscow 

   Working title of the project is P2P, the Commons, and Tektological
   Critique of Global Political Economy at the moment, and draft text can be 
read here:

   And here where we try to develop an argument, which is also in
   progress, behind the call:

   This is an accompanying co-mapping project: Tektology of the
   Emergent Transnational Managerial Class and the Demise of Capitalist
   World System: From Imperialism to Cyber Imperialism, the Current
   Highest Probably the Last Stage of Capitalism

   Any feedback and contribution is more then appreciated!

   In solidarity

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