For those interested in studying digital media in a fine arts context,
please consider applying to the MFA at SUNY Stony Brook (funding is
available for top applicants). Feel free to reach out to me personally if
you have any questions about the program.

*Apply Now to the MFA Program at Stony Brook University*

*The Master of Fine Arts at the State University at Stony Brook is a
flexible 60-credit three year terminal degree program combining studio
practice and critical inquiry. Ideally located halfway between the art
centers of New York City and the Hamptons, Stony Brook offers a unique
opportunity to study in a quiet and spacious setting while maintaining
close contact with the pulse of New York City's creative, political, and
intellectual milieu. Our M.F.A. program limits its residencies to no more
than 20 students, and our graduate studios are large, private, individual
spaces, set in the beautiful natural surroundings of Long Island. The
M.F.A. in Studio Art combines critically-informed studio practice with
interdisciplinary coursework in art history and theory, and tuition costs
are competitively affordable compared with private universities. Our
proximity to New York City offers extensive opportunities for research,
collaboration, and professional networking at world-class museums,
galleries, and institutions. Applications to the program are accepted until
March 1, 2018. Visit
<> for more information concerning
the program and application process.*
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