We met John Perry Barlow 1st time at Cyberthon festival in San Francisco in 
1990- where he talked & we performed.

we stayed in touch via The Well since then, where we both had an account. The 
Well was our first online community - 
great to meet in realtime - with words.

Next time we met was in Los Angeles, at a computer conference in Beverly 
Hilton, if I remember right, it must have been 1992/93.
At that time we stayed at Timothy Leary┬┤s home, and he joined the conference, 

We were all excited about what the digital revolution would bring, how we can 
contribute together ...

he was a man of words - great to hear him talk.
we were performing artists - using sound & images ...to communicate.

It was not about Californian ideology, it was about realizing that a new time 
for mankind has started - 
and only a few have been part of the 1st wave,

we miss you John Perry Barlow !


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