I did a linguistic experiment - replaced word 'Blockchain' with 'mayonnaise' throughout the article, and the amount of sense remained constant (that particular word was sense-neutral.)

It's very hard to find actual use for blockchain.

This thought experiment provides some help: imagine a large (200m ?) vertical rock face just outside the city, that everyone can see. You can hire crews with scaffolds and chisels to write something on it, and it stays there forever. It cannot be forged, as they use Times Roman Light font, so any alteration becomes obvious.

WTF would you use this for? To write down exactly what for the posterity? Decisions from the City Hall? Property tax records? Population count? How are you going to deal with clerical errors? Why are you doing this?

Blockchain could reshape our world – and the far right is one step ahead
Crypto technology is coming to a crossroads. Those who want to use it to
radically redistribute wealth must take urgent action

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