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> In "Borat", there was a scene where a guy wanted to make sure that the
> car he is interested in is a "*ussy magnet".
> Blockchain is * magnet, in the sense that it attracts everything,
> especially *topian discourses. The way out (if one indeed is looking for
> a way out,) is to look at the boring details, and those have been
> discussed on this list ad nauseam.
> This is not to say that being just a magnet it does not influence the
> world. But this influence needs to be dissected under memetics-like
> optic, not technical one. On the technical side, there is little
> relevant, if anything.
> (ps. '*' in regular expressions matches anything, including nothing)

No, it does not match nothing (a set that contains nothing has cardinality
0) but the empty string (cardinality 1), this is Kleene's base case for the
primitive recursion.
Leistert displays a recursion-theoretic flaw too, when he says that

>The Ethereum network, dubbed to be the first “world computer” by its
inceptor Vitalik Buterin in late 2013, was the first manifestation of a
technology that enabled to combine the time-stamping regime of secured
hashes with a Turing-complete programming language on a distributed
computing platformiv

The language is in fact only Turing-complete modulo gas, admitted inbetween
the lines of reference iv, which has led to all sorts of pragmatic
challenges to the owners of Ethereum. Including people like myself
suggesting that verification be done outside the blockchain. Here's an

When the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project was launched, a crank came
with the computer in case you ran out of 'gas.' I asked jokingly if you
could install Vista on the OLPC, and one of the founders replied "We tried,
but the little crank melted." Ethereum and all other platforms are still
looking for a platinum crank and until they find it, Turing-completeness
means nothing. (Yes, nothing.)
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