Very poignant, thank you for translating and sharing.


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> Since 'Bifo' is one of the tutelary divinities of nettime (just ask Geert)
> I thought it was appropriate to translate (Q&D as usual, Alex F can always
> redress my Italian) the op-ed he published in yesterday's edition of Il
> Manifesto ('quotidiano comunista') the day of the general elections, which
> as we know have both delivered a hung parliament (in both chambers) and a
> larger than expected victory for the 5*Movement.
> Bifo's pice resonates with the feeling I had this morning that Italy now
> stands where Greece stood in 2010, with the same road map of austerity
> without end, and in the end the total victory of Big Finance and Big
> Corporate in an accelerated race to the bottom neatly harmonizing with the
> inevitable generalized collapse of both society and nature as we know it,
> a.k.a. l'accident integral theoretized by Paul Virilio.
> But then as that other 'foggy' French thinker said (Louis Althusser):
> "l'Avenir dure longtemps".
> Have a funky week!
> p+7D!
> ------------------
> Bifo (Franco Berardi, a.k.a.) (Emma) Bonino and the Fiscal Compact - the
> same mistake as the anti-EU crowd.
> Il Manifesto. March 4, 2018
> A number of my friends, especially among my female friends, have expressed
> the intention to vote for +Europa [a political party in the general
> elections -PR] and its candidate Emma Bonino. An excellent choice I would
> be tempted to say, because she is a person of coherence and sympathy, and
> she carries a history of dignity and courage: the history of the [Italian]
> Radical Party, despite current polemics I do'nt understand.
> Marco Panella came to Paris when I was an exile there in 1977. in those
> days politicians of all parties considered me a scoundrel and wouldn't
> touch me with a bargepole because me and my mates were talking on a radio
> that blasted the austerity favoring alliance of the Christian Democracy and
> the Ppc [couldn't find which party that was, but probably on the
> center-left -PR]. Panella came to express his solidarity and we went
> together to an event dedicated to Pasolini chaired by Julia Kristeva. Great
> times.
> I was thinking of them because both Panella's and Emma Bonino's culture is
> entirely political and juridical. On the other hand however, they don't
> have the faintest idea of what things like exploitation or social struggles
> are about.
> Emma Bonini is asking you to vote for more Europe, and adds that in order
> to abide by the rules of the Fiscal compact we must abstain from any new
> budgetary expenditures over the next five years. A fantastic idea, but for
> the fact that it is fraught with dangers: our high speed 'pendular' trains
> will fall further apart (*), worse than they already do now. Pupils in
> schools in the peripheries will either die from the cold or be buried under
> the rubble, while thousands of teacher will commit suicide, either from
> misery of depression. Millions of people will be deprived of health care,
> and hospitals will run out of syringes and dressing material. Medical
> personnel will say goodbye to the public service and take up jobs in
> private health institutions.
> So how many tens of thousands of deaths is Emma's brilliant idea going to
> cost? No, I do not think that destroying what is left of the welfare state
> is a good plan. Does that mean that I am for less Europe? Not at all! I
> just want to say that Emma Bonino doesn't 'get' what (current) Europe is
> about.
> Over the last years the European Union died in the heart of the majority
> of Europeans. And the anti-Europe sentiment has grown in exact proportion
> with the pace the neo-liberal ruling class has transformed Europe in an
> instrument of the powers of finance, reason why workers see Europe as the
> cause of their misery. The imposition of the Fiscal Compact, which amounts
> to systematic removal of resources from the pockets of the workers to
> compensate for the [abysmal] debentures of the banks is the obvious cause
> why the European Union is in its death throws.
> The Fiscal Compact is a noose around the neck of the european population.
> And when the noose is pulled, no blood reaches the head any more, and the
> European population in agony flees into the hands of those preaching
> violence, hate, and nationalistic racism. This is what the Fiscal Compact
> amounts to.
> Bonino makes exactly the same mistake as the anti-Europe crowd of whatever
> hue, which clamors for an illusory national sovereignty: taking Europe and
> the Fiscal Compact for one and the same thing.
> I vote for the Power to the People (Potere al popolo) Party, because I
> want Europe to be not the instrument of the financial system but an
> instrument for equality in salaries for all European citizens, and for
> solidarity, a universal basic income, and a reduction in working hours. I
> Vote for the Power to the People Party, because despite its somewhat
> backward name I want to break with society's enslavement to the
> authoritarian rule of the Fiscal Compact and see society freeing its
> energies from the dominion of the financial system.
> Q&D tranlsate by yrs truly,
> Fiesole, March 5, 2018.
> (*) They literally do! They were sold both to the Dutch NS and Danish DSB
> - having identifies no less than 156 structural defaults, the Dutch send
> them back and lost quite some money, the Danes fixed them - over 5 years -
> at the builder's expanse and got'm for free in the end. The ex-Dutch ones
> are now being 'made over' at Ansaldo Breda for the Italian state railways -
> I can't wait to see them pass by! ;-)
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