Hallo all,

This statement by Jaromil is very revealing:

> obviously you are reading just an opinion piece for the Guardian's
> large audience. I would love if we can find a way so that your
> attention is spent on more appropriate information that only you and a
> few other people can understand about DECODE.

"that only you and a few other people can understand"...

So - if I understand correctly - according to Jaromil, there is on the one 
hand, a technically savvy elite, and on the other, the ignorant rest of us.

By this he implies that we are expected to put our trust in benevolent experts 
(benevolent, because he says so) who, unlike the profit mongering GAFA, have 
our best socio-democratic interests at heart.

In other words, the perpetuation of technocracy as a class system.


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