Any project on the scale of DECODE is bound to be problematic and not cater to 
all the interest, tastes or preferred flavours of those that subscribe to this 
list but one would think, or hope, that the discussion around this project 
would not devolve so rapidly into the free form banalities that have appeared 

The DECODE project raises significant political and social questions… it’s not 
about personalities (OMG a woman is in charge here); DECODE was set in motion 
way before the Facebook firestorm; this fact is important; secondly, it’s 
political context is urban (major cities) - this implies the possibility (the 
possibility) that the project’s objectives can actually be tested and evaluated 
on the local level; thirdly, will the intended sovereignty and privacy of users 
be respected? These are just some of the issues raised by the project.

It seems to me, that project’s on this scale are critical in defining viable, 
practical and robust alternatives to the FACEBOOK et al social dystopias that 
have infested and inverted the public sphere. Urban environments like Barcelona 
or Amsterdam are important for projects - with potential for a large-scale 
impact - that can gestate, develop and suggest working paradigms. 


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