It is still really hard to find non-(right wing and alike copy of
left-wing)conspiracy analysis of Soros-left relationship, with good
content as Geert Lovink was complaining in his 2000 The Art of Being
Independent.   Just compiled to revalue Geert's very useful series of
interviews and writings on the Soros issue below. These are the
initial one I gathered to analyse, I am sure there are more written by
Geert and others.

Civil Society, Fanaticism, and Digital Reality: A Conversation with
Slavoj Zizek by Geert Lovink (21/2/1996):

May 10, 1997, Calin Dan's email to the net-time list:

SubReal and Romanian new media arts, Geert Lovink interviews with
Calin Dan — February 10, 2000:

The Art of Being Independent. On NGOs and the Soros debate by Geert
Lovink, 2000:


and the last one below just got published two days ago, while the
hearings of the Morlock case was opening on the list. It is a great
text, which confirms my uninformed opinion on the connection between
Soros' launch of war at Silicon Valley giants in Davos last January,
and  following (isolated) Analytica-Facebook campaign. This reminds me
Soros' 18 billion USD worth wealth transfer to OSF at the end of last
Let’s Talk about Social MediaBy Geert Lovink, April 7, 2018 at 10:48 am

In January, when Soros was kicking of his war, there came out another
pamphlet from Rosa Luxemburg NY office, prepared by Evgeny Morozov and
Francesca Bria which presents a critique of Smart Cities that are
modelled in the image of Wall Street and Silicon Valley (fellowship of
money dealing and interest bearing capital as in Capital Vol. 3 and
meta-data capital).

Geert was rightly asking and calling for a good left analysis of
Soros, in his 2000 piece. I wonder if he thinks is there such critical
analysis as such  today. In my opinion we have a good class based
global political economy analysis that puts Soro, and the
transnational civil society-chain it created, in its place:

Looking at which one can analyse ones own and other's positioning
culturally, politically, and economically in and around the complex
class struggle taking all of us down.
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