dear Ted,

On Sun, 08 Apr 2018, tbyfield wrote:

> twitterish performance of a cynical old white techie

Oh BTW do not miss this

It replaced my weekly morlockelloi's dose.

beware it may replace also nettime one day :^)))
na, just joking.

but hey, what is happening now? I feel a bit uncomfortable looking at
the waves this scaramuche has spawned. its already more than one
thread. Orsan is running around like a suicide bunny in conspiracy
land. There is a new thread with Soros in the subject, accusing
Francesca and Evgeny of some sort of ancestral sin of Soros-puppetry,
likely funneled through Rosa Luxemburg's foundation, right after
Simona accused Francesca of terrible but undefined corruption crimes.

I am not sure. I mean. It is a bit hilarious :^)
Where did Soros came into this story exactly?!
Oh maybe its about Hungary's Orbanization?
BTW, is David Orban the cousing of Viktor?
I'd be surprised. Such a nice guy!


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