dear Orsan and nettime readers,

ultimately I'm sorry for my flurr of posts and will follow Bronac's
suggestion to shrink also my presence down after this and go back
lurking for another ~six months, unless there is something specific I
can contribute about projects I'm involved into. But even then, other
colleagues like Usman are here and much better than me at it.

I appreciated very much some posts from other fellow lurkers and part
of the conversation (helped also by Ted's and Felix posts) that is
somehow encouraging people to participate here. Nettime is a great
resource, most lists of its caliber are just space for announcements
and I'm very happy this is a space for confrontation and debate. It
gathers readers and writers of very very, very high quality, people
I'd be ready to pay a subscription for. And I hope will soon become
less hostile to critical thinkers who aren't up for stirring every
argument in a slant. Clearly there is people willing to chip in,
eventually and clearly there is a need for it at the onset of a new
social network exodus.

Now about this whole Soros thing Orsan, you know me and other people
here hold you in great esteem, but please think twice before
continuing this anti-Soros campaign. Not just because it reeks a bit
like Liz notes, but because is completely off-topic and, adding to
other top-quote posts, makes our common space way less appealing to
those of us acquainted to good netiquette manners.

more than off-topic and beyond the subject, what I find personally
most disturbing is that we started with a thread about Francesca's
article on the Guardian mentioning DECODE and we are ending up talking
about her husband and his (absolutely immaginary and you don't even
know how far from reality) current ties to Soros. I think this is
really bad. And not just because of Soros, a subject that perhaps
should also claim Simona's attention.

I know Francesca well enough to know she gives a frill about being a
woman, but really then, just from my own observation point of view,
stirring the conversation out of the subject to talk about Morozov is
just plain offensive to the work she capable of doing, which really is
her own. To me this off-topic is not only uncomprehensible, but also
unacceptable, because it calls for a male presence to explain power.

I refuse that. Let go all the psychedelic rant on Soros conspiracies,
I just want to talk about the subject and I think that Francesca
deserves her own space and, if really necessary, her own conspiracy

Wow. Ok, end of the reality show (net)time for me now.


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