Dear ol' Nettimers,

We - The XLterrestrials - haven't posted here in quite some time...

But we think it might be a good moment to draw your attention away from the 
web-footed worlds, the heavy theory, and deep analysis...  and toward the 
realtime, sorta-AFK, land-based autonomy struggles... which could certainly use 
some solidarity mobilization and info-distribution from those of you who are 
communications + digital network ninjas.

La ZAD is undergoing an extremely dramatic moment !


“Possibly the largest experimental, autonomous, peaceful, free, 
self-sustaining, land-based community in the whole of the EU is being destroyed 
by the rabid state of clueless neolib Macaroons and 2,500 Robo-popos since 4am 
this morning – April 9th ! ” – XLt analyst in Btropolis


And a little surprised no one has written anything here yet, so...

it's DAY 2 of the ATTACK ...

If you are just tuning in, this will be an easy entry point to catch up:


In solidarity...

Je Suis La ZAD !

the XLterrestrials


arts + praxis organisms

p.s. And this might also be a very good moment to expand tactical and community 
comm in new places ... like ... and Riot ...



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