Hey All,

I want to share my workshop, Astrology and Storytelling, with this
community. The course will be using astrology as a system of abstraction
relevant to big data and as postmodern as contemporary physics. It is
formally a writing course but we will be talking about economies of spirit
and belief and diasporic subjectivities. I would love to have some voices
from this community if anyone is interested in registering.


A 101 course on astrology including: a history of astrology, how
astrological meanings are generated, interpreting planets in signs, houses
and relocation, aspects and shapes, the moving planets, and fixed stars and
critical points. This astrology course responds to the huge body of work
white astrologers have produced by describing the zodiac as the western
matrix of control and the interpretation of a person's chart as that
individual's participation and resistance in said matrix. The purpose of
this workshop is to use astrological methods of telling time to innovate
story telling.

*The seven week course will include the following topics:*

History of Astrology: Appropriation, and Reflection

Intergenerational Trauma and how Meaning is Formed

Planets in Signs: People in Places

Houses and Relocation: Themes of Immigration

Formation: Aspects, Shapes, Relationships, and Community

Fixed Stars and Recurring Themes

The Moving Sky: Change and Development

Email newwomensp...@gmail.com to register or alice.lan.y...@gmail.com for
more information about the program :)

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