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In this context he also speaks of Putinism as a variation of what Andreas Malm and the Zetkin Collective has called "fossil fascism" (while Malm&Co. do not consider the case of the Russian Federation at all).

For a review of Malm's book "White Skin, Black Fuel", see here


I totally agree with Alex that the term should be expanded much further, in the sense of comprising the ever more violent (in terms of accumulating social and environmental damage) institutional world of fossil fuels -- companies, state agents, international organizations and market makers -- as well as the eco-fascist wing of the extreme right.

I'm pretty sure that this perspective also opens up productive perspectives on the war in the Ukraine. It's not just that selling fossil fuels finances the war, but also how the inevitable energy transition provides am imminent path to decline. Slowing down this transition for as much as possible is clearly in the interest of Russia's oligarchy (and many others). The fact that it may play out in the opposite direction (similar to the current wave of Nato expansion) does not mean that this wasn't intended.


Also, one could even see this as an attempt to shift to a new (or at least acquire a second) strategic resource: grain. Before the war, Russia and Ukrain exported nearly a quarter of the world's grain. Controlling all of that is an important source of power.


All the more reason to support Ukraine and make sure fossil fascism doesn't win this war.

all the best. Felix

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