One for your Monday schedule! Panelist Catharina Candolin is the former
Section Chief of the Cyber Defence Section of the Finnish Defense Forces.

[image: isoc live] <>On *Monday May 23 2022* at *3-5pm
EEST* (12:00 – 14:00 UTC the *Finnish Internet Forum
<>* will convene a panel at the University of
Helsinki with the topic '*Internet and War
A panel of experts will address the question of how the war has affected
the Internet and how the Internet has been used to influence Finland and
elsewhere during the war. The event will be conducted in English.

The Finnish Internet Forum is an annual multistakeholder event, set up in
2010 to discuss internet-related issues from a Finnish perspective.

*Mikko Hyppönen*, CRO, WithSecure
*Catharina Candolin*, Expert (Cyber Security), OP Finance Group
*Peter Sund*, CEO, Finnish Information Security Cluster

*Johan “Julf” Helsingius*, Chair, Internet Society Finland Chapter



*TWITTER* *#fiforum @isocfinland <>* @mikko
@candolin2 @PeteSund @julfmobile @internetSociety

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