Dear netimers, please all come to the Tactical Media Meetup #2: SPECIAL 
SOLIDARITY SCREENING June 2, 2022 20:00 - 22:30 De Waag Nieuwmarkt 4 Amsterdam 
(NL), curated by Serge Klymko, the founder of the Emergency Support Initiative. 
90’ and by moderated by Florian Göttke

More info here:

Tactical Media Room is proud to host a solidarity screening in collaboration 
with the Emergency Support Initiative by Kyiv Biennial and HomeCinema to raise 
funds for Ukraine. The event will take the shape of a hybrid video broadcast, 
both physically screened and online broadcasted via 
<> accompanied by a talk on Media Witnessing in times 
of crisis by Florian Göttke.
When: Thursday 2 June 2022
Time: 20:00-22:00 hrs
Location: Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4 in Amsterdam

A ticket costs ten euros and gives access to the screening and the accompanying 
talk (English spoken). 
All proceeds from the screening will go in favor of the Emergency Support 
Initiative <>, launched to help the members of 
the artistic and cultural community in Ukraine finding themselves in need. The 
main goal of the fund is to offer support to people residing in the country and 
to provide them with immediate financial relief under the conditions of war, 
occupation and/or relocation.


20:00 Introduction and welcome

20:10 Talk: Media Witnessing in times of crisis by Florian Göttke

20:40 Filmscreening curated by Serge Klymko, the founder of the Emergency 
Support Initiative. 90’

The screening will feature a series of recent works by moving image artists 
based in Ukraine. All of the works have been created in the past two months; 
giving a raw and immediate insight into the filmmakers’ current practices. The 
works provide an intimate portrayal of individuals and groups caught up in 
bureaucracy and war.

The films remind us of the importance of filmmaking in times of crisis and the 
necessity to make visible and keep traces as acts of resistance. They blatantly 
show the political dimensions of film and visual culture and the potential of 
artists’ moving image practices as a medium of communicating, relating, and 

If you cannot attend the physical  
 but still want to support the fundraiser, you can make a direct donation via 
this link (we will gather payments and send them as one transfer)

HomeCinema is a video broadcasting platform for moving image works by young and 
emerging artists, created by Carmen Dusmet Carrasco and Andrea Gonzále.

Florian Göttke is a visual artist, researcher, and writer based in Amsterdam. 
He combines visual modes of research (collecting, close reading, and image 
montage) with academic research to investigate the functioning of public images 
and their relationship to social memory and politics. Göttke has exhibited 
internationally, has written articles for academic journals and art 
publications. His book Toppled, an iconological study of the toppled statues of 
Saddam Hussein, was nominated for the Dutch Doc Award 2011.

Göttke obtained a PhD Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam and the 
Dutch Art Institute in 2019. His dissertation entitled “Burning Images: 
Performing Effigies as Political Protest” investigates the peculiar practice to 
hang or burn effigies—scarecrow-like puppets representing despised 
politicians—as a form of political protest. His dissertation, which will be 
published at the end of 2020 with Valiz, Amsterdam, combines two discursive 
narratives: a linear text and a parallel assemblage of images. Image narrative 
and text are like the two voices in a musical composition, each in turn taking 
the lead to introduce themes, structure the work, direct the reader, set tempo 
and rhythm, halt the attention or accelerate the flow.

Serge Klymko has been a practicing curator, cultural manager, researcher, and 
writer working on the intersection of visual and performative art, music, and 
urban ecosystems research over the last 10 years. In the last 5 years, he has 
curated a number of cultural and art projects in Barcelona, Geneva, Karlsruhe, 
Kyiv, Prague, Tbilisi, Vienna, and Warsaw working with a wide range of artists 
and theoreticians. Serge is one of the organizers of Kyiv Biennial, an 
international forum for art, knowledge, and politics that integrates 
exhibitions and discussion platforms. From the beginning of the war, he founded 
ESI – Emergency Support Initiative <> launched 
to help the Ukrainian artistic community under unprecedented conditions. MA in 
Cultural Studies, based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

About Tactical Media Room

The Tactical Media Room (TMR) is an initiative of Waag Futurelab and Institute 
for Network Cultures (HvA), founded in late February 2022 after the Russian 
invasion in Ukraine. In collaboration with hackers, artists, designers and 
researchers in The Netherlands, TMR aims to support independent tactical media, 
journalists, newsrooms and civic initiatives from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

As a temporary Amsterdam-based platform, TMR brings together different forms of 
expertise in the fields of journalism, media activism, arts, and research. A 
group of currently fourty members addresses topics and activities that vary 
from Russian disinformation, censorship and propaganda research to mapping 
platform geopolitics, support regarding hardware and online services by ISP’s 
and hosting providers, tech knowledge exchanges (from satellite phones to cyber 
security), and practical aid support.
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