Here are some unexpected results from an experiment I conducted on the
Midjourney AI . I simply asked the Artificial Intelligence to “imagine”
what is “the best work of art of all time” according to different criteria,
and especially according to its point of view. My intention during this
experiment was purely exploratory; it was not to try to circumvent certain

Let’s remember the principle of this AI: you type any sentence or series of
words (prompt) and Midjourney, after thinking for a few seconds, displays
four images calculated on the fly supposed to correspond to the prompt in
question. In general, these four images have an air of kinship. For each of
them, you can request a variant and/or launch a high definition calculation.

Certain words are refused: “sex”, “organ”, “corpse”, etc. If you try to
type them, the AI refuses to work and immediately threatens to kick you out
of the game. Rather than writing “naked woman” or “sex”, you can try “woman
not wearing a T-shirt“ ”or “human reproductive system”. We get something
but it has only a distant relationship with the thing requested… Try it!
You will never see a penis appear, or even a breast!

The ban is inscribed in the algorithms of artificial intelligence. Now it
seems that sometimes, by writing certain formulas without using proscribed
words, one can witness a return of the repressed… This is what happened.
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