Jean-Noel wrote:

"How can we imagine that the cybernetic system will continue to grow or even
exist with more than a billion annual climate migrants within 30 years?"

I can't imagine it. I see multiple breakdowns ahead at an accelerating
pace. The 'natural' reaction of highly developed capitalist societies
blinkered by cybernetic mind-control is to create gated economic circuits
reserved exclusively for the rich (everything from FRONTEX to key-codes for
the water faucet) but that's not going to work because these imperial
societies are already too big and diverse and therefore porous, any
revolution outside the gates is immediately internalized (cf Syria crisis)
and we will see this play out again as the famines caused by the current
war begin in earnest. This does mean that some kinds of change are coming
fast. In addition to shrinking cybernetic utopias of mindfuck-as-usual, we
will get forms of pacifying socialism like those already introduced during
the pandemic (free food, free money), along with forms of racist
nationalism like those that already arose during the pandemic, along with
forms of international war like what already started in Ukraine. The
question for the next few years is how to break through the strategically
induced idiocy of MAANA (that's Meta, Apple, etc) and gather forces for
full-scale system change. It's urgent and it's barely happening. Fantasies
of total and immediate apocalypse prevail over preparations for devastating
but still gradual and incremental decline. The only part of your text where
I might disagree, Jean-Noel, is that the future lies in scaling down toward
simple agriculture. Scaling down, yes, that's a must, but it will still
take effective forms of social organization and new, non-polluting energy
sources to face all this without massive human die-offs. Plus some kind of
religious renewal might help people accept a hard fate without murdering
one another massively and right away.

pray for rain, Brian
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