The first feature documentary to take an in-depth look at Y2K is in production 
now for and is seeking archival video footage related to Y2K and the 
technological culture of 1990s America. 

The film will air on HBO in 2023. 

The documentary will look at Y2K across all of its scales, ranging from the 
universal to the intensely personal. The story will be told entirely through 
archival footage and audio - immersing viewers in news, raw footage, and home 
video from the late 1990s. The film is directed by Brian Becker and Marley 
McDonald, archival filmmakers and whose previous credits include MLK/FBI , 
Listening to Kenny G , Spaceship Earth , and O.J.: Made in America . The film 
is executive produced by Penny Lane and Gabriel Sedgwick ( Hail Satan? , The 
Pain of Others , Our Nixon ). If you have relevant footage or any questions, 
please reach out to Brian Becker ( [ | ] ). 
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