The State Film Agency of Ukraine issued an order to reorganize the Dovzhenko 
Center. This order, de …           
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Dovzhenko Center is under threat of liquidation         


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        Nina Stepanova at Dovzhenko Center Film Archive.                        
Dovzhenko Center is under threat of liquidation 
Statement from the Dovzhenko Center 

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The State Film Agency of Ukraine issued an order to reorganize the Dovzhenko 
Center. This order, de facto, entails the liquidation of the National Film 
Archive, which since 1994 has been consistently engaged in the preservation, 
research, and popularization of Ukrainian cinema. According to the order, all 
films from the collection and property of the Dovzhenko Center must be 
transferred to the State Institution Scientific Center of Cinematography of 
Ukraine, whose main activity, according to the Ukrainian state registry legal 
entity identifier, is higher education. 

The State Enterprise Ukrainian Animation Studio will be separated from the 
structure of the Dovzhenko Center. Copyrights for Ukrainian animation films, 
currently owned by the Center, will be transferred to the newly created 
enterprise. Employees of the Dovzhenko Center will be notified of possible 

Thus, the State Film Agency delegates responsibility for the unique 
cinematographic heritage of Ukraine to a de facto “sleeping” institution that 
has not carried out any activity since its foundation in 2011 during 
Yanukovych’s time, and has no appropriate staff, relevant competencies, 
website, etc. 

The reorganization document did not mention the Dovzhenko Center’s paper 
archive and museum collections, which are part of the state archive and museum 
funds of Ukraine, respectively, and are subject to separate legislation. 

The State Film Agency decided to divide the integral collection of the 
Dovzhenko Center, which dates back to the 1960s, between different structures, 
without taking into account the proposals of the Dovzhenko Center regarding 
further activities and without a strategic plan for its development, as 
required by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 91 of 

Neither in the preamble of the order, nor in their public communication, does 
the State Film Agency explain this decision. 

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