Ah, brilliant, I get it. I will check it out myself with the tool.

Yeah, we have done what we can to make the map open source, but to do
activism with people who aren't hackers you have to use the usual suspects:
youtube, facebook... Obviously all this stuff is tracked. I am not so
worried about the possible police surveillance of activism in this case,
because we are doing fully public things, trying to change laws and
encourage people to alter their behaviors and forms of relation to the
environment. But behavior is shaped by social media tracking and, on a
structural level, it's part of the overall trap.

Thanks again, I am totally interested in this kind of feedback. Anyone who
wants to use the code (and improve it!) is welcome.

best, BH

On Tue, Aug 23, 2022 at 7:32 AM mp <m...@aktivix.org> wrote:

> On 23/08/2022 13:15, Brian Holmes wrote:
> > When you say it makes the map "noisy"
> Simply that with all other apps closed and no noise from the
> google-teller, when I then open the map and click around, the beeping
> begins...
> Those are likely local issuesas as well as the map framework/design and,
> for instance, Youtube embed.
> We all know it, we are under attack, and this little simple tool puts
> sound to it.
> Your map paints pictures of biocultural corridors, this tool sets
> googleinvasion to the ugly sounds it deserves...
> ...
> ..
> .
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