Dear Nettime,

The Austrian National radio is in the process of removing multiple cultural 
programs from its public broadcasting in what looks like a move to flatten the 
dimension of public programming altogether. 

The directors are completely cutting projects such as Kunstradio and Zeit-Ton, 
that have been respectively producing programs of radio/transmission art and 
new music for decades.

Started by Heidi Grundmann in the late 80's and directed by Elisabeth 
Zimmermann since a decade or more, Kunstradio ( is 30+ 
year old beacon of cultural, experimental, and radical activity on the airwaves 
and beyond. It is no doubt a space and environment where many nettimers have 
made projects.

The late artist and early nettimer, Robert Adrian X, was also heavily involved 
in the ongoing development of kunstradio online, spearheading early web and 
streaming projects as well as its web archive (the ongoing retro html1 
aesthetic is a salute to his media philosophy and ethics).

Please consider signing this petition (in German) :

Also consider writing to to express some discontent.

read more here (in German):


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