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**Digital Delights & Disturbances Fall ‘22**– Lecture series

Presented by: *JCU Media and Communications*speaker series

_All events will be on campus and livestreamed on YT_

Big data, artificial intelligences, algorithmic prediction: are these
the solutions to the problems affecting our unstable societies or more
sophisticated forms of social control and compliance to the powers that
be? Is there any way out from the digital neoliberal realism within
which we live? Are there ways to imagine data that are not extractive
and abusive, A.I.s that are relational and not intrusive, or a domain of
the digital that is not just limited to the ‘social’ of social media?

*20**^th **of October 2022 – 6.30pm CET*

*Pole dancing against the algorithm*

Carolina Are

In this talk, Carolina Are (aka @bloggeronpole) will discuss algorithmic
bias against nudity, its relationship with the patriarchy and with
whorephobia, sharing some insights from her latest studies looking at
mass reporting of sex positive activists and sex workers. You will leave
this talk with new ideas about what pole dancing can teach tech
companies about content governance as well as with tips, gossip and
concerns about Big Tech's power over our bodies.

*10**^th **of November 2022 – 6.30 pm CET*

*What sort of world is data colonialism creating?*

Nick Couldry

In this talk, Nick Couldry will draw out some implications from his last
two co-authored books: /The Costs of Connection /(with Ulises Mejias,
2019) and /The Mediated Construction of Reality/(with Andreas Hepp,
2016). What sort of social world is being created in an age of what he
and Ulises Mejias have called ‘data colonialism’? What does it mean to
say that contemporary capitalism is marked not just by labor relations
but also data relations? What is happening to social space and social
order in an era of digital platforms? What are the implications of data
collection for the very basis of the self and freedom?

*^**29**^th **of November 2022 – 6.30 pm CET*

*From Commodification to Assetisation: Reconciling the delights and
disturbances of digital labour*

Kylie Jarrett

One of the central features of the contemporary digital labour
environment, especially in the creative economy, is the incorporation of
personality, affect, and interpersonal relationships into the workplace.
Subjectivity itself has been “put to work”. This is certainly the case
in the online creator industry which is associated with self-branding,
self-promotion, and the conscious crafting of commercialisable
identities. The work of influencers, OnlyFans creators, and TikTokers is
thus often critiqued for being a process of commodification and
consequently a site for the degradation of meaningful personhood. But is
this really the case? Is there only disturbance and no delight in online
creative labour? Drawing on ideas in my new book Digital Labour, this
talk will question assumptions about the existence of commodity
relations in digital work. It will propose instead the framework of
“assetisation” to explain the commercialisation of subjectivity in
online creator work, with implications for how we understand all kinds
of digital labour both as economic phenomena but also as sites of worker

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