This, obviously, is a follow up to the discussion last week
<>. Round up the usual suspects :) This time Milton
will bring the spice.

[image: ISOC LIVE] <>On *Monday November 28
2022* at *14:00-15:30
UTC* the *Internet Governance Forum <>* presents a
session '*Understanding Internet Fragmentation: Concepts and their
Implications for Action <>*', organized by the *Columbia
Institute for Tele-Information <>*.

The *Multistakeholder Advisory Group
<>* (MAG) has
designated “*Avoiding
Internet Fragmentation*” to be one of the 2022 IGF’s five organizing
themes. There likely will be many events on the program related to this
topic, but what exactly does Internet fragmentation mean, and how does that
meaning affect the actions that may be undertaken by states and

This session brings together prominent analysts and stakeholders from five
continents, with varying and even divergent viewpoints, in the hope of
working toward a higher level of consensus (or at least a more structured
range of disagreements) on the core features, sources, forms, and
consequences of Internet fragmentation, and what all these may mean for
actions taken in response by states and stakeholders.

*Milton Mueller*, Internet Governance Project, Georgia Tech
*Wolfgang Kleinwächter*, European Summer School on Internet Governance
*Sheetal Kumar*, Global Partners Digital
*Neha Mishra*, Geneva Graduate Institute
*Andrew Sullivan*, Internet Society
*Xu Peixi*, Communication University of China

*Anriette Esterhuysen*
*William J. Drake*




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