Dear Geert, all,

On 24/11/2022 17:39, Geert Lovink wrote:

> We need tools that decolonize, redistribute value, conspire and organize.

I admire your work on this, and will study it later, for in-detail response.

Right now, quick contributions, that I think resonate with the "Extinction Internet" :

* my "paper" submitted for the upcoming workshop by Internet Architecture Board on “Environmental Impact of Internet Applications and Systems": , calling for implementing Solidarity, Limitations, Reparations as 3 principles for (technical) Internet Governance:

* my article "Towards Climate Justice in Tech", practically a report from four events related to "Sustainable Web", "green tech" and "social responsibility" , and at the same time a call for moving away from endless growth, fossil fuels, extractivism and techno-solutions :

        (& an image: )

* a video recording of my talk at Bits & Bäume:

Let's work on this together!


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