Dear all,

I am grateful for the debate over many years on nettime-l. I also enjoy
everything that goes with email as a medium. But I quit all social
handles back in 2010 when Geert called to join him on Quit Facebook Day,
and I think I won't return to any platform, even if it is run as a
community effort. I will continue to read your posts there and elsewhere
in my webbrowser, but I am sorry to say that I won't subscribe to any
new platform because I just don't like it. I prefer to read mail and
news and feeds on my desktop client, as I always did.

BTW, we have had a quite similar discussion for many years on Wikipedia
about how to win new editors with new technical gadgets vs. retaining
old editors who mostly prefer to keep their vintage environment. Most
longtime users still prefer the old plain text editor without any
extensions over the new WYSIWYG editor, and they also prefer desktop
computers over mobile devices. If you want to satisfy both groups you
will have to provide both editing environments. The two groups will
never really meet in one place in technical terms. If you would close
down the vintage features you would lose those who really run Wikipedia
as a core community. If you would not develop new features Wikipedia
would be much less attractive to new and younger users. Very similar to
the dilemma nettime-l seems to face.

Best regards,
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