just a small correction to david's post: "The UK doesn't have a market of 
hundreds of
millions of people," he writes: "it did once but we voted to leave".

In fact the vote was over leaving the European Union. Mad King Boris decided 
that meant also quitting the common market, which wasn't on the ballot, largely 
because it would have swayed an already narrow majority towards defeat. The 
method in this madness was entirely internal to the Tory Party; and this may 
have lessons for all two-party systems where any chance of power has to be 
fought in faction wars within big parties, unlike European systems that 
encourage minor parties. (Anglophones describe these systems as 'unstable', 
despite the notorious instability of large parties like the demented 
Republicans or the splintered Conservatives)

Boris made the extremist call on total Brexit from sympathy with and succumbing 
to the power of the faction known as the Tory backwoodsmen. Nietzsche punned on 
the equivalent (Hinterwäldler) when he described metaphysicians as 
'backworldsmen', people who believed in an invisible world behind this one that 
was truly real and permanent. Tory backworldsmen believe in an essential, 
unchanging 'real' England (rarely the Celtic fringes) which it is their 
obsession to reveal. It was this cult – a minority which holds some crucial 
voting power – which demanded the referendum, fuelled the propaganda machine 
surrounding it, and demanded an extremist interpretation of the result - there 
was no "we"

[in a footnote, I still prefer the email forum for all the excellent reasons 
debated over the last few days - by all means document on an interactive 
platform and increase spread etc but do keep this more personal commons]

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