Hi friends, ciao Felix!

we were in Frankfurt for the Transnational Social Strike Assembly (the
great transcontinental network working essential labor, gender equality and
climate justice) to peddle WCCJ aka the World Congress for Climate Justice,
to be held in Milano on October 12-15, 2023 - here the call drafted by
Belgian, Italian and German activists this summer in Berlin (ENG after ITA)


Andreas Malm, Francesca Coin, Penny Travlou, Michael Hardt have all signed
and will be in Milano in October. The Transnational Social Strike has
formally endorsed WCCJ and the starting assembly in Milano will be held on
Feb 15 hosted by Ecologia Politica collective in the medieval cloister the
movement controls - there will be Piano Terra, ZAM, Lambretta and other
centri sociali and Ultima Generazion, XR Milano and Scientist Rebellion.

Now we expect other movements from around Europe and world (including Ende
Gelaende, Soulèvements de la Terre, Ums Ganze, Rise Up Uganda) to join the
call and send delegates to Milano in october.

love and revolution,

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