I am trying to make a netty connection for a project and I am successfully 
able to make it. However, after 30 seconds the connection becomes inactive. 
I'm purposefully not using the connection for something because it is a 
test connection but I want to keep it active for future tasks even after 30 
seconds are over. This is my code to create the connection:

try {
        Bootstrap b = new Bootstrap();
        b.option(ChannelOption.TCP_NODELAY, true);
        b.option(ChannelOption.SO_KEEPALIVE, true);
        b.group(new NioEventLoopGroup());
        b.handler(new ReadTimeoutHandler(50));

        InetSocketAddress sa = new InetSocketAddress("--------IP 
HIDDEN--------", 25454);
        ChannelFuture f = b.connect(sa.getAddress(), sa.getPort()).sync(); // 
        Channel chan = f.channel();
        //Channel becomes inactive after 30 seconds
    } catch (Exception e) {

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