My name is Andrii. Contact to you with a question about NetworkManager (
I use NM v1.20.4-1 in my project and I found some problems.
I got some wrong behavior using nmcli:
1. run 'nmcli device wifi list --rescan auto'
2. after few seconds before ending rescan concurrently run 'nmcli
connection delete <some_ssid>'
3. and ... I get an empty wifi list every next time of call 'nmcli device
wifi list' (or 'nmcli device wifi list --rescan no/yes/auto' doesn't
So, I suggest that we have a bug in NetworkNamager that causes that

Can you make some comments or advice with who need I talk to solve this?
Is it a known problem? Or maybe it is already fixed?

Thanks for your answer.

With best regards,
Andrii Andreiev.
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