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> Hello Mr. Haller,
> I am sorry to tell you but the NM-applet becomes very unresponsive
> after 
> I changed the IP settings from "Automatic (DHCP)" towards "Automatic 
> (DHCP) addresses only" and "Automatic, DHCP only" on IP6.
> These glitches last from 30 seconds upwards to several minutes and
> often 
> effect the entire desktop environment with it. I later cases towards
> the 
> point that any interaction with application becomes impossible.
> After switching back to "Automatic" and "Automatic (DHCP) behaves the
> applet normal and responsive again but you might understand that it was
> hard to figure the problem and solve it while the applet refused any 
> interaction for several minutes.


from the description it's not clear how to solve this, or what causes
it. Of course, that does not sound like correct behavior.

First step, you sure you are actually using nm-applet? For example, if
you'd use GNOME(3) or KDE, then you'd commonly would not use that

I also ask, because nm-applet (unlike nm-connection-editor) has no
capabilities to change the IP method. So it's not clear how your
description about switching to "Automatic" ties into nm-applet. Maybe
you don't mean nm-applet?

If you are positive which GUI is used, then you could report an
upstream issue. However, with the given information, I don't think the
issue fixable either. But it might still be useful so that others can
find the report, and maybe provide additional information. So, a bug
report would be appreciated, but I cannot guarantee that it will lead
to a resolution.

nm-applet is here: 


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