On 20.11.2021 16:15, Eric wrote:
> On 19.11.2021 16:36, Eric wrote:
> I have a chicken/egg problem.  
> I want to have wlan1 as an interface.  I have created a connection to use it. 
>  But it doesn?t exist on reboot so I?d like to have a script in pre.d/ that 
> will add the interface but NM refuses to start the connection because the 
> interface does not exist.  Is there a way to get the script to execute 
> earlier so that it can create the virtual interface prior to the connection 
> check if its present?
> On 19.11. 2021 17:32, Andrei wrote:
> You need to explain in more details what wlan1 interface is and how it is 
> added.
> wlan0 is instantiated automatically when the driver is loaded.  I use it as 
> an AP interface.  I want to have AP/STA so I need to create wlan1 for the 
> client interface.  I do this with:
> iw dev wlan0 interface add wlan1 type managed
> but this interface does persist across power cycle so I need to create it 
> every time.  I would like to have the interface created when networkmanager 
> tries to bring up the connection, but the script with the above command (in 
> the pre.d directory) does not get called before networkmanager tells me there 
> is no interface for the connection.

I do not think it is possible. Just create startup script to add second 
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