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> Hello,
> I run mobian on a pinephone.
> When mobile data is turned on, the phone receives an ipv6 only
> address. Trouble is that it seems to break connexion sharing.
> Some people solved this issue by setting their APN protocol back to
> ipv4. However, I cannot find this option on the gnome user interface,
> I can only choose the APN name.
> But I am sure I can force the APN protocol by writing it directly to
> NetworkManager's configuration files.
> Could someone gear me towards the correct configuration file ?


`nmcli connection` to see all profiles.
`nmcli connection show "$PROFILE"` to see the details of one profile.
`nmcli connection modify "$PROFILE" ...` to change a profile.

but it's not clear how IPv6 "breaks connection sharing". That seems not
right. Maybe better find out what is really happening.

Check the resulting IP configuration with `ip addr` and `ip route` to
possibly understand what is wrong.


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